After more than 15 years in New York, I found myself surrounded by some of the most creative and talented people I had ever met. From this environment grew the desire not only to talk to them about their work but also give them a platform to showcase their art, whether it be photography, illustration, design, writing, music… The core idea of JOSETTE is to promote emerging artists, people who are not well-known yet, but should be, and to foster a space for creation, a venue for artistry, a platform for ideas.

Named after my mother's rad old timey French name, JOSETTE is a passion project that I had been looking to develop for quite some time. Josette (the person!) made sure to raise me to have an open mind and good manners, showing me the proper use of utensils, letting me peruse her weekly French Elle magazine, and sticking me in front of the Village People movie just to kill some time. Still today, now in her mid-seventies, she is as curious as ever and keeps herself abreast of the latest trends.

I hope you will enjoy JOSETTE (the website!) and get to know some amazing people and brands through our curated content. 


Our contributors

Naveen Kumar

Naveen is a writer and editor living in New York City. Opinions and music tastes expressed are his own. You can read his features on refinery29 and his theater reviews on Towleroad. He is a card-carrying member of JOSETTE's Social Club.

Megan Urie

Megan is a lover of vintage, an image curator, an enthusiast of mixing high and low, and a fan of 90s hip hop and impromptu dance parties. Based in Brooklyn, NY, she has cut her teeth with well recognized fashion and lifestyle brands like Anthropologie, Vena Cava, and Victoria's Secret as a fashion and trend designer. She travels the world in search of the latest and greatest trends in clothing and accessories as well as one of a kind vintage pieces, and she shares her finds with us in Josette's Boardroom. Check out her website here.

Lindsey Eckwall

Lindsey is a graphic designer working in advertising in NYC. Hailing from Austin, TX, she has lived in Portland and Chicago before settling in Brooklyn. Follow her adventures on instagram @lindsabellle.

Jazmin Burgess

A lifelong Londoner who has lived and worked in Vietnam and NYC, Jazmin shares wonderful photos of her hometown and her travels on instagram @jazmin_burgess.


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the new york times, march 24 2017, in print and online

the new york times, march 24 2017, in print and online