JOSETTE is a side project I created to talk about and interview up and coming artists. I conceived it as an online magazine with a focus on images as well as written content, trying to mesh the two in a fluid and pleasing experience.

It was important to represent the artists' work with big and prominent images, but I also wanted to give them a chance to talk about their work. As for the reader/user, I wanted to make sure the flow of the articles would make sense and be engaging enough visually to keep reading.

I opted for a white background that wouldn't clash with any of the works on display and give a clean minimalist look since the point was to show art and give it the spotlight.

I decided to use Squarespace because I felt I could customize the template to my liking and it fit my budget for this passion project. I ended up encountering certain limitations, but the challenge of making it work became a big part of the enjoyment I had designing the site.