This is the personal project I did to complete my UX certificate through Springboard. I gave it the working title SUSTAIN and will refer to it as such through the presentation.

Project description: An e-commerce website for sustainable and ethical fashion centralizing existing brands into one online shopping experience.

As I was thinking about what kind of project I wanted to do for this class, I had a conversation with one of my younger colleagues about the fact that she wanted to shop sustainable fashion more regularly, but found the online experience a bit frustrating. She would go to google and end up on a blog with a list of sustainable brand sites. But she couldn't shop directly from the blog or the article. She had to open each link and have 10 tabs open, and go from one to the other to compare, and then go through the check out on each site. She was seeking a one-stop shop, a streamlined shopping experience with vetted sustainable brands all in one place. This request was the starting point for my project.

You can read my project proposal here.