Tiffany is a photographer, living and working in London.

I photograph mainly people: I started off doing reportage, now I do portraits and fashion. I also photograph for illustrated books. I like to look at beautiful images, so that is what I try to create with my work too. I try to represent the strength and beauty in women.

instagram: @tiffanymumford



Josette asked Tiffany a few questions

What is your background?

I always loved the visual arts. I started my love of photography at school: I had great teachers, and I loved shooting in black and white (film) and working in the darkroom. My hero was Henri Cartier Bresson. I did a degree in graphic design at Camberwell School of Art, hoping to become an illustrator, but fell more and more into photography. Then when I left college, my first work was as a documentary photographer, working for charities and documenting the work that they did.

What inspires you?

Travel… I have a real wanderlust, and feel very free when exploring new places. I am lucky as I get to travel with my job. Nature, I am a city girl but love to be by the sea. My niece, Lila, who is four, I love to see her enjoyment in life.

How has your work evolved since you started?

I work in a different field, mostly, although I do still do occasional jobs that are more reportage in style. But I think that everything I did in the past informs what I do now.

Have your priorities changed?

I think more about being a female photographer and the way you use your own experience as a woman, and how you portray other women, in a still largely male dominated industry.

Are there recurring themes?

I always try to find the beauty in a situation. There's no reason why an image shouldn’t be beautiful as well as interesting/provocative/informative. More recently I've been trying to present a way of looking at women that is based more in reality, less Kardashian, more real woman. The industry has changed a little, but there is still such an emphasis on perfection for women, so I try to show diversity. I started a personal beauty project that is all shot with natural light, little or no make up, using only natural products, and little or no retouching. (Instagram @thewhitevestproject)

Tell us something you wish you had known early on.

I might not have done a degree… I think I may have been better just going straight into working and getting practical experience.

I was born and brought up in London, and feel lucky to live in the best city in the world! I live in Brixton which is a really lively, multicultural area, although like the rest of London becoming more and more expensive and exclusive.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Finding a better balance between work that pays the bills and work that I find really rewarding.

How do you deal with judgement and criticism?

I think it does get easier with experience. Although it's never nice! It always hurts when you get rejected…

Who will you thank when you receive an award?

My photography teachers at school, Shona and Rennie.